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Drury Commodity Investment Strategy

Drury Capital Inc

Company Overview

Drury Capital is a process oriented business built on professionalism, integrity, thorough analysis and precise execution. Since 1997 Drury Capital has employed a robust model-based approach, rigorously researched and applied to a broadly diverse portfolio.

Fund Strategy

The Drury Commodity Investment Strategy utilizes a systematic approach to trading global commodity instruments. The portfolio invests in agricultural, metal, and energy products. The Program has no market or commodity sector bias, based on the belief that each instrument can produce long-term profits through the application of independent technical analysis and risk management. The Program employs a mathematical algorithm that focuses on both the technical and term structure of the instruments traded. The amount of funds normally committed as margin is generally 2% to 5% of net assets. Under certain circumstances, the amount committed to margin may be substantially higher.

Quick Facts

Category: Commodity
Fund Launch Date: 2006-10
Monthly Performance Data:
Sep -1.52%

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