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Phalanx Japan AustralAsia Multi-Strategy Fund, Ltd

Phalanx Capital Management, LLC

Company Overview

Phalanx is a 7 year old, award-winning firm which manages a market-neutral, Multi-Strategy business investing in the Japanese, Asian, and Australian markets. An experienced Japan-AustralAsia focused team, the principal brings a track record of running this business with consistent year on year profitability. The investment methodology aims to produce absolute returns with a focus on limiting downside performance.

Fund Strategy

Phalanx employs an absolute-return, uncorrelated Multi-Strategy approach within the Japanese, Asian and Australian markets. The firm pioneered the enhancement of traditional Convertible Bond Arbitrage with Volatility and Credit strategies resulting in superior risk adjusted returns in all market cycles. The trading strategies are fully integrated in order to allow capital to be deployed in the asset class and discipline that the Investment Manager believes will provide the greatest opportunity at any moment in time.

As a market neutral, volatility-focused company the fund seeks to profit from movements in the equity markets. Daily, dynamic rebalancing of capital between convertible and volatility allows Phalanx to be nimble in reallocating capital to exploit market conditions, many of which can be short lived. Japan and Asia tend to have far greater volatility than the US and European markets. There are fewer competitors in the Asian markets which equates to a less crowded marketplace and better investment opportunities.

The Japanese market has experienced close to zero interest rates for over a decade. Known for their high savings rate, Japanese retail and institutional investors have sought convertible bonds as an alternative source of yield. The resulting competition for convertible bonds provides opportunities to hedge credit risk and acquire the undervalued convertible bond equity option component that is not readily available in any other manner.

Quick Facts

Category: Volatility Trading
Fund Launch Date: 2005-04
Monthly Performance Data:
Apr -5.27%

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