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Alpha Opportunities Fund, LP

One Oak Capital Management, LLC

Company Overview

We are a New York limited liability company, established in January 2013 that provides investment advisory services on a discretionary basis to clients, through commingled investment vehicles intended for institutional and other sophisticated investors. Investment advisory services are offered for a percentage of assets under management as well as other compensation structures, as described in more detail below.
We serve as an investment advisor managing a corporate bond (long/short) strategy on a discretionary basis. Currently advising private funds (Alpha Opportunities Fund, LP) and as a sub-advisor to separately managed accounts. One Oak manages the corporate bond (long/short) in a sub-advisory capacity to the primary investment adviser, the primary advisor is responsible for determining the allocation among the different portions (or “sleeves”) of their overall strategy, and as such the primary advisors returns are not representative of One Oak’s performance returns.
We also serve as the general partner and investment manager of the Alpha Opportunities Fund, LP, a New York limited partnership.
The fixed income investment strategies have been designed, developed and managed by Stephen Ditursi and Joseph Scellato, the managing principals of One Oak Capital Management LLC.

Fund Strategy

Alpha Opportunities offers a distinct opportunity to capture alpha. The “long/short” investment strategy is based on the philosophy that pricing anomalies exist in the credit markets that may be taken advantage of through a disciplined, relative value approach to portfolio management.  The fixed income securities in which the strategy invests will primarily include investment grade corporate bonds.  The driving force behind this strategy is to mitigate interest rate risk and create a return source that is independent of the direction of bond prices.  Our experienced team maintains a focus on risk management, liquidity, and capital preservation.

Quick Facts

Category: Credit
Fund Launch Date: 2015-03
Monthly Performance Data:
Apr 1.64%

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