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Blue Elephant Capital Management

Company Overview

Blue Elephant Capital Management is at the forefront of the newly evolving structural opportunities made possible by the intersection of technology and finance. Based in Irvington, New York, BECM is among the first to offer investors institutional quality access to the high and stable yields of the developing platform lending market.

Fund Strategy

The Blue Elephant Consumer Fund seeks to maximize investor returns through direct lending via multiple underwriting partners globally. We believe that the yields available via direct lending are the most attractive in the fixed-income universe but that diversity and an understanding of the broad business cycle will be the driving force behind alpha creation. The fund currently lends in the US and New Zealand (currency hedged), making unsecured consumer loans and secured small business loans. Some of the underwriters fit the "peer-to-peer" definition, while some are more traditional non-internet based lenders with long lending histories. The fund will move up and down in credit quality, leverage and across different categories of lending based on the Blue Elephant view of the business cycle.

Quick Facts

Category: -
Fund Launch Date: 2013-07
Monthly Performance Data:
Apr 0.62%

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