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Titan Advisors, LLC

Company Overview

Titan Advisors, LLC is an experienced asset management firm focused exclusively on hedge funds. The business is 14 years old and 100% employee-owned, with a 46 person staff and over $5.0 billion USD in assets under management. Titan maintains offices in Stamford, CT., Toronto and London.

Titan’s products consist of diversified portfolios of nimble, opportunistic hedge fund managers who share the goal of generating attractive, risk-adjusted returns independent of the major indices over time.

The founders of Titan Advisors have remained true to their core tenets for more than 20 years, allocating to the most liquid and least leveraged strategies, with a strong emphasis on emerging hedge fund talent.

Business Lines:

-Commingled Products
-Insurance Dedicated Funds
-Custom Strategies
-Seed Fund Vehicles

Titan’s predecessor firm, G. Fox & Co., Inc. was founded in 1992 by George Fox. Initially, G. Fox & Co. was a hedge fund-only advisory business serving clients in the southern part of the U.S. The advisory business grew from 1992 to 2000 to serve regional consulting firms, endowments, foundations, and a number of high net worth families in the Northeast. At the end of 2000, G. Fox & Co. advised on approximately $800 million in hedge fund assets. In late 2000 and early 2001, the firm began to add more investment professionals and was renamed Titan Advisors, LLC. During this time, Titan shifted its focus to hedge fund of funds, ultimately bringing the advisory business to a close.

In 2001, Titan launched the diversified, multi-strategy Masters Funds. This was followed up in 2002 with the multi-strategy Legacy Funds structured for insurance companies. In 2005, the Titan Emerging Managers Fund was launched, targeting younger and smaller fund managers in order to make early allocations and secure better access and capacity for future use at Titan. In June 2006, Titan launched the Global Equity Fund, a product designed to focus exclusively on global long/short equity investing. Prior to adding funds and assets, Titan has steadily enhanced its investment and back office teams to support the growth.

Titan Advisors, LLC is 100% employee-owned by the following individuals, being the “Principals” of the firm: George Fox, Tom Holliday, Doug Herman, Darren Ross and Rick Leifels.

Fund Strategy

The fund's objective is to provide consistent, superior capital appreciation through the use of a multi-manager investment strategy. The fund's portfolio construction process seeks returns of 8-15%, with a standard deviation of 6% or less and 75% profitable months. The portfolio consists of approximately 20 - 24 managers utilizing long/short equity, global macro/CTA and event driven strategies. The fund seeks to avoid managers that rely significantly on illiquid strategies or substantial leverage.

Quick Facts

Category: Multi Strategy
Fund Launch Date: 2001-12
Monthly Performance Data:
Sep 0.14%

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