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Bluenose Capital Management, LLC

Company Overview

Bluenose Capital Management, LLC is a trading advisor that studies financial markets with the goal of developing and implementing strategies to generate better than average growth to investment portfolios. Bluenose Capital Management, LLC is a registered Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) with the National Futures Association and is located in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area.

Bluenose Capital Management, LLC manages absolute return strategies which, due to low correlation with traditional financial markets, are intended to and have produced positive returns in all market environments.

Fund Strategy

Bluenose Capital Management, LLC's primary goal is the development and implementation of alternative investment strategies to generate better than average growth. Unlike traditional equity managers, the firm's managed futures programs seek to be flexible enough to profit in rising markets as well as declining markets and inflationary or deflationary environments. Further, the manager believe's that investments in stock indexes and commodities, not individual stocks or sectors, hold more possibilities for growth than day trading, swing trading, trend following or buy and hold strategies. Since market conditions are constantly changing, the fund continually reevaluate the particular strategies being employed at any point in time.

Quick Facts

Category: Commodity, Equity Derivatives
Fund Launch Date: 2010-07
Monthly Performance Data:
Sep 0.93%

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