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A SQUARE: Alternative Alternatives | Uncorrelated Returns With currently 571 Alternative Funds in 23 categories, the new A SQUARE database is the only database dedicated exclusively to "alternative alternatives" investments with fast facts and investment oriented analysis.
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A SQUARE (Alternative Alternatives or A2) Index streamlines data from all 571 dynamic A SQUARE Funds. A SQUARE Funds distinguish themselves by virtue of their "alternative" motive - such as social, behavioural, natural resources, sustainable /environment related investing.

" I already have incorporated some of the strategies you described into the hedge fund courses I am teaching this semester. Those investors seeking the newest strategies may find A SQUARE a convenient source for staying ahead of the curve."
Leon M. Metzger, Adjunct Professor, Hedge Funds, Columbia University and New York University

The industry's most respected brands use insights from A SQUARE research to help their clients grow their investments.

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