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A SQUARE - User Testimonials

I already have incorporated some of the strategies you described into the hedge fund courses I am teaching this semester.
Those investors seeking the newest strategies may find A SQUARE a convenient source for staying ahead of the curve. quote_end Leon M. Metzger, Adjunct Professor, Hedge Funds, Columbia University and New York University
I think this is a truly wonderful idea and a fantastic product! I hope to find many investable ideas generated from this new publication!quote_end Neal Berger, Director, Eagle's View Fund, Ltd
Congratulations Matthias, well done! I am forwarding this to my friends and colleagues at CISDM. We have been preaching the benefits of A SQUARE (Alternative Alternatives) for two decades!quote_end Heinz-Joerg Jansen, Beerenberg Bank
Congratulations to your excellent publication. I really enjoy reading it!quote_end Pascal Spielmann, Head of Alternative Assets, Spectrum Value Management Ltd.
Congratulations on the Technical Research Briefings and A SQUARE:
Two very good information sources.quote_end Fabrice Pasquinelli, Tennyson Capital Advisors and InfoHedge
A very professionally construed manager introduction piece.quote_end Thomas Lott, President, Potomac Portfolios
I like the new Opalesque A SQUARE.quote_end Bill Miller, Hamilton Miller
I find your A SQUARE newsletter very interesting.quote_end Eric Salon, Societe Generale
Interesting product, keep up the good work!quote_end Tycho van Wijck, ING Investments
Thank you for the A SQUARE publication... very interesting.quote_end Timothy Nuding, CFA, Chief Executive, Prosperity Capital Services LLP
Kudos and best of luck on breaking new ground yet again --
endeavors sound like *great fun!*quote_end Josh Levine, LJO Associates
I like the A Square product very much -- and I can see the
complementary nature to my own product...quote_end Joseph Omanski, Founder, SkyFund LLC
Thanks a lot for the trial subscription. As with your other publications, A SQUARE looks really interesting. I look forward
to read it and to receive more of them!!quote_end Patrizia Granatam, Strathmore Capital LLP
Congratulations on the launch of A SQUARE.quote_end Soobin Yoo, Sierra Global Management
I wanted to let you know that I think your daily Opalesque newsletter is the best out there and that it contains a far better collection of information than is otherwise available. I am also a big fan of your A Square piece and think that such alternative alternatives are severely undercovered.quote_end Jonathan L. Ende, CFA, Ende Capital Group
Many congratulations to your new publication and your acknowledgement that, to capture truly diversified returns, investors increasingly need to look for alternative sources of risk. As daily readers of your Alternative Market Briefing, we appreciate this new publication as an added value.quote_end Wouter B. ten Brinke, CFA, Theta Capital Management B.V.
Congratulations on your new publication! I look forward to reading it!quote_end Benjamin Alimansky, Brooklyn NY Holdings LLC
Dear Sona and Matthias, many thanks for the trial and
all the best with this new publication!quote_end Ian Hamilton, Executive Chairman, IDS International Ltd.
Dear Sona and Matthias, your new product is better than
I had imagined that it could be.quote_end Joseph K. Taussig, Taussig Capital AG
Excellent and original!quote_end Andrew Hubert Willmann, Aurum
I find your A SQUARE newsletter very interesting.quote_end Eric Salon, Societe Generale Investment Banking
Thank you for the latest issue of A SQUARE. I find it very interesting as we also operate in the niche part of the hedge fund world.quote_end Jan Vilhelmsen, Partner, Absolute Return Partners LLP
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